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use a fast response variable pump that has a very high efficiency and low noise.The variable pump continuously adjusts the output pressure and volume of the pump to match the values called for on the screen for the various parts of the moulding process. This system contrasts with fixed delivery pumps employing valves to control the required pressure and volume, and dumping excess oil to tank. This can result in energy savings of 20%-40% compared with normal machines.
Equipped with high performance servo motor controlling system, the machine’s output power canvary in accordance with the loading changes, which reduce energy consumption and noise. The motor rotates at lower speed in holding pressure stage, and doesn’t work in cooling time.
- A variety of text can be switched. - Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode. - To provide EUROMAP robot interface. - Automatic movement monitoring with alarm and fault diagnosis. - Function of slope setting can set the start and stop of movements, so as ensure the smooth movement.
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