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protitle_bg.pngTechnical parameter LSF-68 (68Ton)
    • Technical parameter LSF-68 (68Ton)

Servo motor injection molding machine

Characteristics of servo energy-saving injection molding machine:

Equipped with high performance servo motor controlling system, the machine’s output power canvary in accordance with the loading changes, which reduce energy consumption and noise. The motor rotates at lower speed in holding pressure stage, and doesn’t work in cooling time.

The performance of servo energy-saving molding machine:
鈼 Servo motor can optimize the match of energy demand and realize automatic adjustments.
鈼 It can improve injection precision.
鈼 It can greatly save power and water, resulting in environmentprotection and energy-saving.
鈼 Quick response and low noise.
It can save electricity by 50-70%

Screw DiameterMm263034
Screw L/D RatioL/D242119
Short SizeCm36992118
Injection weightG6283107
Injection Rateg/s6080103
Plasticizing capacityg/s6.38.410.3
Injection PressureMpa236177138
Screw SpeedRpm0-220
Space Between Tie Barsmm310*310
Toggle Strokemm285
Max. Mold Heightmm330
Min. Mold Heightmm100
Ejector Strokemm70
Ejector TonnageKN22
Ejector NumberP1
OTHERSMax. pump PressureMpa16
Pump motor powderKw7.5
Heater PowerKw5.1
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)M3.7*1.02*1.81
Oil Tank CapacityL180
Machine WeightT2.7
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