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Changzhou Longsheng Machinery Co.LTD. 

located in Science-techindustrial Park, Zhonglou District,Changzhou City, Specializes in makingand marketing injection molding machine and its parts,with strong technicalbase, reliable quality. Our products are sold all over the world.

Our business principle is ,to offer better price based on the samequality,better quality based on the same price ,better service based onthe same quality and price. We consistently integrate the whole processof designing high-level quality products and creating excellent marketingclosely. We offer net-working marketing with all-weather service 24 hoursper day, plus lifelong afterservice. Smiling service is our characteristicservice.

Ways to success, start from Longsheng, with powerful capability and prestigious brand of Longsheng Machinery Series. We produce injection molding machine with clamping force ranged from 600 to 16800KN, injection weight from 68g to 1000g. Now our products includes ordinary series, servo energy-saving series, synchronized ejection series, variable pump series, high speed series, bakelite series etc, applied extensively to auto, mechanic, chemical, electronic, daily necessities, toys and so on. With good quality, professional service, credible credit, Longsheng will persistently work together with our customers to create our bright future through mutual benefit and win-win situation for development.


With the keynote of creativity, the capacity of ocean’s absorbing rivers, and the mind of containing the whole world, Longsheng enterprise’s development is the process for constant innovation and self-surpassing.

Regarding learning as keeping us evergreen. Longsheng Enterprise advocates learning, and provides comprehensive training programme for the employees who need career development to help out them promote their ability in knowledge, knowhow as well as awareness in all aspects.

Longsheng enterprise's running idea is to focus on doing everything as well as possible, which is also a request to every employee, because we believe that concentration and adherence is the prerequisite for the development of enterprise and progress of the staff.

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