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Introduction to Common faults of injection Molding Machine


The main results are as follows:

 (1) because the precision of some components in the injection molding machine is not very good, and the quality of the assembly products is poor, the friction damage of the mechanical equipment is great relative to the movement, which is usually the most important reason for the increase of the temperature of the injection molding machine.

 (2) in the process of work, the oil temperature increases due to the increase of the surrounding temperature and working temperature.

 (3) there is a system failure in the unloading circuit in the system or because the unloading circuit is not set up, the oil pump can not be unloaded when the operation is terminated, and all the flow rate of the pump overflows under high pressure, resulting in overflow loss, resulting in the increase of machine temperature.

 (4) the pipe of the equipment system is too thin and too long, the bending is too much, part of the pressure loss and the pressure loss along the way are large, which will also cause the temperature of the injection molding machine to become higher. 

 (5) In most cases, the volume of the oil tank of the injection molding machine is small, the use area of the heat dissipation is insufficient, and the temperature of the injection molding machine can be raised excessively; 

(6) the matching gap of the fit parts is very small, or the space gap is too large, the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in the loss of capacity, such as the reduction of pump volume efficiency and the fast temperature rise.

(7) The working pressure adjustment of the hydraulic transmission system is much higher than the actual demand. The seal is too tight, or because the seal is damaged, the leakage becomes large and the pressure can not be adjusted to work. The above seven are the cause of the high temperature in the injection molding machine. After understanding each of the reasons, we need to take the medicine and solve these problems.


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